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  • Thu 11th Jan 2018 - 7:06pm

    Hey guys welcome in this thread, as you know in this year we are going to ceelebrate our 69th Republic Day of India. Republic Day is a national festival or occasion that is celebrated by all relgion peoples. India is a country where different culture peoples celebrate their own tradiational festival but republic day is a day that is celebrated by all relgion peoples with great joy.


    Republic day is a day when Indian Constititution was came into existance and for remeber that day we celebrate our Republic day every year on 26th January. Now peoples are waiting for this day and making wonderful plans for celebrating this day. Now here i am gong to share many stuff. check the below list of collection.

    You will get wonderful stuff related to the 69th Republic day and hope you will like and will share with your friends and classmates. 

    Republic Day Images and Republic Day Speech In Hindi

    On Our Republic day we get our Constitution of India and seven fundamental right and which are

    1. Right to equality
    2. Right to Freedom
    3. Right against Exploitation
    4. Right to Freedom of Religion
    5. Cultural and Educational Right
    6. Right to constitutional Remedies
    7.  Footnotes

    You will get full details about the republic day histroy from the official website of republic day and hope you will share Republic Day Speech For Teachers, Republic Day Speech In Hindi with your classmates, teachers, friends and brother sister for suggesing them best speech lines. 

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